“Sandy makes getting healthier highly pleasurable, practical and fun!”

 "You've been a great help to me Sandy, you've even had some influence on my family to say the very least.
 As I've said before, my lack of motivation was preparation. If it took too much time I wasn't interested or I was just turned off by the idea.
 Yet within every struggle there's a silver lining, I just had to find it.
 The food was great that's for sure, from the amaranth to the quinoa and beyond.
 What I didn't notice . . . was my general feeling of well being.
  I slept better, my temperament was more even keeled, my energy level more constant
 throughout the day, I could maintain my focus through the day,
 and having my family yearn for more better snacks or meals is simply 'icing on the cake.'
 How's that for a pun? I hope you never lose that desire to try something new and different in the form of food, for I'll be constantly picking your brain for ideas and thoughts!      — David S., mountaineer extraordinaire

"Thanks so much Sandy.
You have really inspired and motivated me,
 first with all of your AMAZING cooking classes
 and now with this CLEAN EATING workshop. Thanks again."     —Tammi, Wayne

"I have been seeing Sandy since last fall for nutritional coaching.
 This was originally to help me with my sensitivity to gluten.
She is the most wonderful, supportive listener with great ideas for healthy eating
 and living. And she makes all her suggestions for a healthy lifestyle
 without it feeling like a drag.
 My kids, here for the summer, remarked on how much the foods I put on the table
 have changed. I recommend Sandy most highly."     —Caroline, PhD, Phoenixville

"Thanks for everything. I am now learning how visual I am, only really need to picture.  I have had a learning challenge since I was a child and your coaching unleashed the code for understanding how I learn.  I used to say I lean different, now I know it is because I am very visual.  When I see it together it then it is AHA, and the progressive next steps just flow easily. 
Our shopping visits and review of materials, in small blocks has been life changing.  Sharing your kitchen also was helpful for me to organize.  I think of the kitchen as a laboratory and now it is easy to organize.  It is about bringing back my relationship to food.  People would say you can’t cook.  I have the realization now how silly this is . . . I am a chemist for heaven’s sake.  Of course I can cook.  Analytical science is a play of what you think will happen, fine tuning the ingredients (chemicals) for optimal reaction, balanced equation for proper yield.  Now I need to bring that back to food.
Thanks so much for everything.  I am learning to embrace this journey, truly coming back to me in authentic way. As I am coaching for inspection readiness, you have helped model this for me, the impact for myself and others has been profound.   I will share with folks that when you meet with a coach, it is a conversation with safe boundaries, it is an opportunity to be in truth, share pinch points and then listen actively.  This past week, I shared this with someone who was very closed.  My response was you are an expert, I am here only to practice varied approaches to the scenario and offer back what I hear, read and see.  They need to align.  The opportunity is what you make of it.  Whether you choose to receive or not is an individual choice.   It was a breakthrough, the expert then shined."      —JM, Wayne

You have helped me in so many ways, thanks for shining your talents and gifts.  You took the time to listen and share different approaches and find what worked…
"I can't believe it— my blood pressure is the lowest it's been for over 30yrs!
Thank you so much. I appreciate your dedication to your work and also to your clients."     —BS, Devon

“I just wanted to tell you that, honestly, the food you are preparing is just excellent.
 After the seminar I ran into several people at the Whole Foods store, and they all agreed. Plus, I was just in time, those spaghetti squashes were going fast!
 I am going to cook most of today's recipes and bought the ingredients
 for all the recipes . . . so delicious.”        —KM, attendee @ Let Food Be Your Medicine Workshop
“I'm feeling great, and, quite honestly, I don't have cravings for any kind of junk food!
I'm so grateful to you for this new chapter in my life. Thank you.     —Susan, Devon

"I just have to say that I'm loving this. I feel great and I love having your support.
What a happy experience!"     —LM, Wayne

"My cholesterol dropped 8 points in February (after two months of sessions),
so your advice is helping me make progress!  Thanks for all your counsel."     —PT, Wayne

"I cannot remember when last I felt this enormous gratitude toward someone.
 You evoked in me the release of hurt that I've been trying to expel for a long while.
 I still have some pain but I believe the healing has begun, thanks to your counsel and compassion and understanding and, might I add, strength. I can see daylight.
 I cannot thank you enough, Sandy. I'll never forget this. You are a gifted counselor."    —JS, Havertown

"I'm loving this path I'm on with your help, support, willingness and dedication
to your beliefs. A true gift you are in my life."       —RM, Strafford

" . . . I am amazed at how my allergies are not bothering me— just by cutting out chocolate milk. And I don't even miss it! If I had listened to my doctor,
 would be taking Allegra, Allegra D, a nasal spray and eye drops this very moment. And the Allegra is $35 per bottle!!  And all I had to do was stop drinking chocolate milk!
I also noticed this morning that my clothes fit alot better."      —MD, Devon

  “You changed the way we eat. Now, every time I go grocery shopping,
 I always think of you and read ingredients and say "Would Sandy buy this?"
  You have made quite an impact on me, therefore, my family. And we thank you.”     —Kim, Newtown Square